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Our main area of support is through our Open Grants Programme. However, The Volant Charitable Trust is committed to other work that includes international projects, the support of single parents through Gingerbread and more recently, charities assisting vulnerable groups impacted by the cost of living, particularly women and children. We only accept applications to our Open Grants Programme.

The Programme

Open Grants programme

Supporting Scottish charities and projects, whether national or community-based that alleviate social deprivation, particularly supporting women, children and young people at risk.


Projects must demonstrate a strong focus on supporting women and children affected by hardship or disadvantage and on tackling the issues they face in order to make a lasting difference to their lives and life chances.

Applying for funding

If your project fits with the Open Grants criteria, and to make sure that your application has the best chance of success, please visit How to Apply to find out whether you are eligible for funding and to read more about the process.

Specific programme areas that we cover include support for:


Victims of sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence and those working in the sex industry; care for young mothers and those affected by postnatal depression, isolated and lone parents; community support for black and minority ethnic women and asylum seekers; support services for women prisoners and their families.

Children and young people

Counselling, support services and outreach projects for those who are disadvantaged or deemed to be at risk through neglect, emotional and physical abuse, alcohol or drug misuse.

Poverty and deprivation

Mental health projects for women and children; support for vulnerable families; promotion of healthy eating for families in areas of extreme deprivation.

Applications for funding

How to apply for funding

Find out more about how we give our support, the application process and whether you are eligible to receive funding for the Open Grants Programme.

How to apply